Burnt oranges, lush greenery and statement florals for an Autumn wedding at Elmore Court

Ombre petals JennyFleur Elmore Court
Ombre aisle petals by JennyFleur at Elmore Court

I must admit that orange isn’t really a colour I use much in my wedding flowers. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just quite a dominant colour and many couples play it safer with a more muted palette of pastels. When I first met with Megan and Oliver I was super excited to hear they wanted to really go all out with orange and use it’s vibrant tones for their Autumn wedding at Elmore Court.

Autumn urn Elmore Court wedding flowers

In addition to the vibrant colour palette, they also wanted to go for wild, untamed and abundant florals so as you can imagine I was in my floral element, especially in the stunning setting of Elmore. Seasonal flowers were the order of the day for arrangements which were an explosion of colour and textures so I used lots of locally grown Dahlias , British Alstromeria, big bloom Chrysanths, Roses, papery Physalis, Euphorbia along with blue Eryngium thistles, Amaranthus and heaps of lush foliages.

autumn urn arrangement Elmore Court

I created two large, free-flowing urns to go either side of the imposing front door at Elmore to greet guests as they entered the main hall. Inside a huge, statement arrangement graced the table at the front of the hall between the statues, as well as a tumbling, trailing arrangement on the grand piano.

Autumn arrangement Elmore Court

The icing on the floral cake for this Autumn wedding at Elmore Court was an aisle runner of ombre rose petals, fading from bright tangerine through salmon orange to paler apricot. I loved creating this runner and it really added a luxe and warm feeling to the ceremony hall.

Ombre petals JennyFleur Elmore Court

orange roses Elmore Court wedding flowers

ombre aisle petals JennyFleur Elmore Court

statement arrangement ceremony Elmore Court
Inside the Gillyflower I continued the wow-factor florals with tall table centres on my gold metal stands, topped by an explosion of flowers and foliages. These designs are becoming real favourites for high-impact table decor as they not only look amazing when guests enter the room but also sit high enough that they don’t restrict anyone’s view and enable everyone to chat away during the wedding breakfast without flowers in their face! In between the statement arrangements we included candelabras for candlelight ambience, perfect for an Autumn wedding as the nights begin to draw in. 

JennyFleur wedding flowers styling Gillyflower Elmore Court

table decor Autumn wedding Elmore Court

Below the tall table centres I added eye-level interest with little groupings of vintage bottles. These were filled with with mini pom-pom dahlia, fragrant orange freesia, sprigs of eucalyptus foliage and feathery fountain grass. Megan was keen on adding lots of candlelight so I also styled the tables with my mismatched, vintage brass candlesticks.

JennyFleur Autumn wedding Elmore Court

Orange autumn flowers

brass candlesticks Elmore Court

Jenny Fleur wedding flowers styling Elmore Court

tall table arrangements Gillyflower Elmore Court
I was so pleased with the overall look brought together with the flowers and styling. I must give big thanks to my bestie Hannah Buckland photography who not only captured these stunning images but gave up her Saturday morning to help me set up and complete the look for what has to be one of my favourite Autumn wedding at Elmore Court. 
Gillyflower Elmore Court
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By JennyFleur

Freelance florist creating bespoke flowers for weddings and special occasions, love natural, vintage, country styles.