An A-Z of Jenny Fleur!

eventing with Rinca

So you’ve read my About Me page but still want to know more?! I’m flattered, if a little astounded!

Well here’s just a few things which rock my world….

A is for Animals – I’ve always loved animals, from having pet gerbils, chickens and sheep while I was growing to going whale watching when I was travelling and of course the horses and dogs in my life, you could say I’m a bit of a doctor Doolittle!

B is for Baking – another one of my creative passions but don’t ask me to do your wedding cake! No immaculate icing here, more of a rustic, home-cooked style but my lemon drizzle is legendary! (So I’ve been told!)

C is for Cornwall – my homeland and famous for beautiful beaches and blue seas, clotted cream and pasties.


D is for Dreaming – Dream big, follow your dreams and make your dreams happen – I fully believe if you can dream it then you can do it.

E is for Environment – when you love the natural world you need to care about your impact on the environment and I try to be as eco-friendly as I can by recycling, using renewable energy and buying sustainably and ethically both in my day-to-day life and in my business.

F is for Flowers, well what else?! But so could just as well be family, friends, food, foraging, festivals…..

jenny & mark-624

G is for Gin!! You can’t beat a good G&T,  a fragrant botanical gin, with lots of ice, a wedge of lime and topped up with a glug of Fever-Tree tonic.

Gin and Tonic

H is for Horses – another passion of mine, the love of my life was a big grey called Rinca.

eventing with Rinca

I is for Instagram – my favourite of all the social media channels, great for inspiration and sharing snapshots of my day! Follow me at jennyfleurflorist

J is for Jay Archer – a fellow florist who’s work I adore; she’s got a love for natural, whimsical floral designs and heaps of talent and creativity – go check her out on Facebook or Instagram.

K is for Kindness – if you can be anything be kind.

L is for Love – in what I do, the people I work for, my family and friends.


M is for Music – I’ve got eclectic tastes from the classics like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles to artists and bands like Snow Patrol and Florence and The Machine; a bit of electronic/dance like Chicane, Faithless and Tiesto and even a bit of Americana country! Whether it’s the radio or one of my favourite albums I’ll usually have some tunes playing in the background while I work and I’m a bit of a festival fan.

V festival

N is for Natural – how I’d sum up my work and floral creations if I could only use one word! I love relaxed, seasonal bouquets and arrangements which let the natural beauty of flowers and foliage speak for themselves, you won’t be finding dyed flowers or roses with naff diamente pins stuck in anything I do!

O is for Ocean – growing up in Cornwall by the sea has given me an inexplicable link to the ocean, ironically I get really seasick out on a boat but feel totally at home sat on the beach or cliff tops watching the ocean.

P is for Pudding – my springer spaniel who’s as mad as a box of frogs!


Q is for Quotes – I’m a big fan of quotes, whether they are motivational, inspirational or just a bit silly; the big kid in me particularly likes quotes from Winnie The Pooh or Roald Dahl 🙂

winnie the pooh

R is for reading – whether it’s a book or magazine about flowers, a cookbook full of inspiring recipes or the latest biography, when I get time I do like to chill out with a good read and a good brew.

S is for Sweet Peas! My favourite flower, I simply cannot get enough of them.

sweet pea posy

T is for Travel – Exploring new places always excites me, I’m not one for beach holidays doing nothing, although some R&R is always welcomed; I want to go and experience new cultures and people, deliciously different foods and amazing landscapes.


U is for Unusual – But in a good way!! I always like including unusual elements in my flowers like catkins in a spring bouquet, feathers in a buttonhole or grasses and wheat in an Autumn arrangement. I also love collecting unusual bits of furniture and decor for my home, upcyling and creating interesting pieces.

V is for Vintage – I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to vintage wares and have amassed quite a of a collection of props and decor including churns, ladders, typewriters, suitcases and even an old bicycle!

Vintage bicycle with basket of flowers

W is for Walking – something I do everyday is getting out in the fresh air with Pudding (see ‘P’ above!), I’m blessed to live in a place with so many beautiful walks on and around the Malvern Hills and I also love walking on the beaches and coastal paths when I’m back in Cornwall.

X is for Xmas – on my list of banned words! I LOVE Christmas, the sparkle, the festivities, the food, gifts and family time but please don’t call it Xmas!

Christmas tree

Y is for Yorkshire Tea – my brew of choice, strong and milky please!

Z is for New Zealand – (ok so it’s a bit of a cheat but ‘Z’ is hard!) if I didn’t live in the UK then I’d live in the land of the long white cloud, I spent 4 months exploring New Zealand when I was in my 20’s and it is utterly stunning and full of the loveliest people.

queenstown New zealand

So there you have it! A few of my favourite things and an insight into the girl behind the flowers!

Jenny xXx


By JennyFleur

Freelance florist creating bespoke flowers for weddings and special occasions, love natural, vintage, country styles.